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"I don't want to go to Disney World, I want to come to camp!" - Campership 2014

Dear Friends,

Summer Theatre Camp is a time of magical transformation!

Jaden and Kevin goofing around last summerSure, I’m talking about how we transform our bodies into different creatures and characters. I’m also talking about how we transform a space into a stage with lights and sets and costumes. But most importantly, I am talking about transforming the lives of the children we see every day!

Here are four stories of campers who have been impacted by Summer Theatre Camp this past year:

Joseph heard about Theatre Camp at one of our community outreach events but was set on going all summer to a basketball camp in his neighborhood of Nicetown.  That spring, when he broke his arm and was unable to play, his mom showed up at our office. (Chris says that was his “lucky break”.) We signed him into camp and he was faithful, taking the bus every morning to get here on time. Joseph became so entrenched that we placed him in our Winter Sort of Thing, just so he could keep learning and growing with us. We can’t wait to see him again this year!

Sarah started working with us when she was in Kindergarten. She was very quiet but had exciting and imaginative ideas she would whisper to her counselors. We have seen such growth and maturity in Sarah over the years that she is now our most faithful participant! She has been in our Studio classes and our Winter Sort of Thing in addition to our Summer Theatre Camp. Sarah wears her camp shirt proudly throughout the year, and we can’t wait until she’s old enough to join us on staff!

Violet wasn’t even old enough for camp last summer, but because her mom works in the building, she was around for several weeks. We would most often see her face pressed up against the window outside of the movement room as she watched the kids dance and play. She made every excuse to join the big kids as they rambled about the building. This summer Violet is excited to be part of the “show” and hopes we sing all the songs from Down with the Crown (or at least Frozen!) as she joins her brothers and sister at camp.

Our high school SHADOW Company is a big family led by Natalie and the Core of high school leaders. One of those leaders, Julia, sadly lost her father this spring. Julia is the heart and soul of our company, establishing connections, making people feel welcome, and providing a ton of laughter. When she needed them, the group stepped up and rallied around her. This is the type of community we are building, this is the type of magical transformation that is hard to find elsewhere!

This year we will serve over 140 kids, 53 of whom are receiving Camperships (tuition assistance). We know that camp is an important part of their growth this summer, and we want to see magical transformations happen for them! YOU are the best way to ensure that these kids and others like them can come to camp.

As of today, we need $5,000 to make camperships available for 50 more children just like Joseph, Sarah, Violet, and Julia. Can you help us make that goal? Pledge $60 for a day of camp, $300 for a week of camp, or $1,200 for a full month of camp for one of our youngsters.

$60 for a day of camp
$1,200 for a month of camp
$300 for a week of camp
Other $

Last summer, one of our young campers came crying to us on a Thursday afternoon. Our staff comforted her and asked what was wrong. She told us she was going to Disney World and couldn’t come to camp that next week. “Disney World! That’s an amazing adventure!” Chris told her. She replied between tears, “I don’t want to go to Disney World, I want to come to camp!

Pledge today at $60, $300, or $1,200 to make this type of magical transformation possible! And plan on coming to one of our summer shows to see how far we can take that pledge!


Michael Brix
Executive Director

PS - Our two world premier shows are on July 25th & Aug 22nd at 6pm! Or come to a Friday performance every week at 3:15pm!

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