Campership Letter

April 2018

Dear friend,

Powem (Poem)
I can roar like a lion
I can leap like a rabbit
But one thing I can’t do is be myself.

Week 8 Imagination CampFrom my vantage point in the office, the kids that I interact with the most are the ones who need the most assistance. From kids who get the wiggles too much, to those dealing with traumas brought on by poverty, we see them all. The above poem (I cleaned up the spelling) was written by one of our younger friends I had the opportunity to get to know last summer. I am sure your heart also feels what mine does when you read his words. You want him to be his best self. At Yes! And… Collaborative Arts, we are so glad to be a safe space to write these words and explore these hard feelings. This year, we need your help more than ever to continue this good work.

Last year, we had our largest impact ever with over $100,000 in scholarships given just for summer camp alone. We offset this cost through grants and business sponsorships, but our largest income stream is your faithful giving. This year, we are reaching for high goals in both fundraising and children served by setting a goal of $68,000 in giving.

I have never experienced a camp that not only took care of my kids during the day but also made them feel like they are special, creative, and important human beings. I find that they are more self confident and able to express themselves in a mature manner the more they attend Yes! And… Collaborative Arts programming. (Anonymous YACA parent.)

Our annual campaign is a chance for your gifts to be used right now as we register kids for camps, but also as we end our winter season. We started off our Annual Campaign at an event during our Winter Sort of Thing where we raised the first $8,000! You can help us raise the remaining $60,000 with your one-time gift or monthly pledge today. Like the parent above who wrote that humbling review, you can make sure that we have the resources to continue this work this year and beyond.

We ask you today to please consider a gift. If you‘ve never given before, we would love to celebrate your first gift! If you are a long-time supporter, please accept our thanks and ask that you consider a comparable or larger gift.

We want to be able to be the place where kids can feel free to express themselves, even if those feelings are difficult. We will always be the place where our programs are safe for them to be hurt, to learn, and to grow. With you, we can help change their poems to say that they feel empowered to be themselves, even when life is hard.

Thank you for your continued support, care, and love,
Michael Brix,
Executive Director

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