Shadow Company presents


The other, like the self, has many faces

Devised by the high school Shadow Company of Yes! And.. Collaborative Arts and using the power of shadows, movement and music, The Other dives into a world where people have been segregated into “us versus them.” Natalie Hann, Director of Shadow Company, says that The Other, “Looks at how we, as human beings, either through self preservation or what we have deemed as instincts, have labeled people, groups, or entire peoples as ‘other’. The current culture we live in and the use of social media has made it easier for humans to group people into us versus them, and this production further explores this issue.”

Through music, movement, shadows, and stories sourced from Philadelphia teens, The Other is a daring piece of theatre created by the Shadow Company of Yes! And... Collaborative Arts. Back for their 8th consecutive FringeArts Festival, Shadow Company would like you to consider...
Who matters? Who is important? And who do we other?

Contains mature content and parental discretion is advised.


$10 / 60 minutes

Fri Sept 8 at 7pm + Sat Sept 9 at 3pm and 7pm
Arch Street United Methodist Church
55 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Fri Sept 15 at 7pm + Sat Sept 16 at 3pm and 7pm
Yes! And… Collaborative Arts
21 W Washington Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19144

Presented in part with support from the Bread & Roses Community Fund and the Douty Foundation AND people like you!

Contact us:

Yes! And... Collaborative Arts 21 W. Washington Ln. Philadelphia, PA 19144
215-ART-GANG 215-278-4264 Contact Us Form


Get tickets for our show at the door or at the FringeArts website. Click here for on-line tickets.

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