Junior Staff

Another important piece of Shadow Company is our Junior Staff program. Junior staff are high school-aged students exhibiting leadership and collaborative skills that would aide either the artist teachers or the success of a tribe of kids by their presence and participation during our Summer Camp Program. Junior Staff are paired with a Traveler(s) who serves as their Traveling partner and mentor throughout the camp session. Information regarding the eligibility and requirements for Junior Staff are as follows:

Jr. Staff Requirements - Download and Read

Junior Staff Application Process
Junior Staff Job Description

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Jr. Staff in Action

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Application Reqs

Check out the requirements (this is a shortened list, download complete document here.)

  • Must currently be in 9th-12th grade.
  • Must be a member of Shadow for 1 year prior to employment. (This means that Junior Staff must attend Shadow Camp/Shadow events the year prior to their first time applying to work.)
  • Must complete application - After March 6, no applications will be accepted.
  • Must obtain a work permit and complete required paperwork.
  • If 18 by the start of summer, must obtain PA clearances
  • Must attend Staff Training
  • Must attend Shadow Camp
  • Must attend Junior Staff Training

Graduating Seniors

Are you a graduating senior?

  • All graduating seniors are eligible to apply as regular staff for the summer.
  • Applications for these positions are found at this link.
  • You are not guarenteed a spot on full stuff, it depends on availability and your experience and maturity.
  • Additional requirements must be met if working as regular staff.