Shadow Company presents

In the Moment

In the Moment is the latest play devised by the high school Shadow Company of Yes! And… Collaborative Arts. Since they broke out on the FringeArts scene in 2010 with their groundbreaking flash-mob-inspired love letter to the city (titled Flash!) Shadow Company has been bringing their unique theatre making style and voice to audiences all over the city. In the Moment is no different.

This years's show delves into pandemic life for teens. See through their eyes for their take on the issues that are affecting them; anxiety over all the unknowns of their future, the overwhelm of information, the loneliness and isolation in quarantine; mourning the loss of major milestones in their lives....all while experiencing "normal" parts of being a teenager.

Using their creative form of storytelling and leaning into the virtual landscape we find ourselves in, this week-long performance will feature a different performance piece every night.

*Contains mature content and parental discretion is advised.


Watch EVERY night at 7pm

Monday August 24- Episode 1

Tuesday August 25- Episode 2

Wednesday August 26- Episode 3

Thursday August 27- Episode 4

Friday August 28- Episode 5

Viewed on Youtube and Instagram

Final Episode LIVE on Friday August 28th via Zoom.

Presented in part with support from the Philadelphia Cultural Fund AND people like you!


Contact us:

Yes! And... Collaborative Arts 21 W. Washington Ln. Philadelphia, PA 19144
215-ART-GANG 215-278-4264 Contact Us Form


We are not selling tickets for this performance event! If you would like to donateto the work of these young people, please do!

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