Imagination Camp

Kids arrive and start the day with a specific morning project that then leads into a time of warm-up. The day is spent moving through specific activities relating to the theme. These activities range from games to specific exercises in acting, movement, visual arts and storytelling. Lunch time is accompanied by a time of fun and games outside and the day ends with a healthy snack. Each day explores a specific piece of the theme which culminates in a small showing the final day of camp.

Dates & Themes

June 17-21: Medieval
Kings, Queens, Knights and Noblepersons unite! Come ‘round our table and explore this magical time and place. We will be playing with medieval sounds and making up stories that may (or may not) have happened a long long time ago.

June 24-28: Around the World
Join us on a trip around the globe! We will be looking at different cultures and different ways we all make art. Wonder how they dance in east Africa? Tell campfire stories in Hong Kong? Make street art in Cambodia? This week, we will have a blast learning and creating around the world!

July 1-3: *Short Workshop* Master Chef
Don’t we all like to play with our food? This camp’s theme is for the fun-loving and messy in all of us! Warm up your imagination and warm up your ovens as we dive into a plate of hot, fresh, and fun!

July 8-12: Go Green or Go Home
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! But is that the only way to go green? This week we will explore the whats, whys and hows of going green.
July 15-19: Lights, Camera, Action!
Welcome to our movie set! This week will be full of new characters and new stories as we create our own movies. The possibilities are endless! The end will wrap up with a red carpet movie premiere so start getting your outfit together!

July 22-26: Who dunnit?
Get your overcoats and fedoras ready for some pulse-quickening, scene-stealing, mysterious capers for you and your friends to create (and solve). There are so many mysteries to uncover!

July 29-August 2: Music Exploration
There are so many sounds in the world to explore! We will spend time learning time treasured classics and creating new beats.

August 5-9: Welcome to the Future
Use your imagination to dream up the future! Be it 2020 or 11789, we will create the stories to come. What does the future hold?

August 12-16: Run, Jump, Play!
After the great success of last year’s’ YACA Games™, we are ready to ramp it up! Join us for another week of wacky games, crazy obstacles and more. Come ready to work those muscles!

August 19-23: Some Call it Magic
Calling all wizards and witches! Join us for a week full of magic and spells as you are admitted into our very own school of witchcraft and wizardry.

August 26-30: Construction/Destruction
Build it! Break it! And build it again! Come have fun with us as we see what we can build together and what it looks like if our job is “to build” but someone else’s job is “to demolish”. Also, let’s look into creatures in the natural world who have specific jobs to build (like a beaver) and to demolish (like fungi).


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Costs & Payment Options

Camp costs

Camp costs $320 per week. We offer discounts, payment plans, scholarships (“camperships”), and even more to ensure NO CHILD gets turned away who wants to attend our camp!

Please note the following:

  • A $50 registration fee is due for each week registered at the time of registration.
  • All tuition must be paid in full by May 1, 2019
  • Form submission does NOT secure your child's spot. Your child's spot is NOT secure until we receive one of the following: your registration fee(s), tuition payment in full or confirmation of a Campership.

Pay in Full discount

Pay in full at the time of registration and get 10% off (electronic payment within 24 hours, check or cash within 5 business days). Only available for registrations up to May 1.

Payment Options

Pay by CHECK. - Checks should be made out to Yes! And... Collaborative Arts and mailed to Yes! And... Collaborative Arts, 21 W. Washington Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19144

SQUARE - If you choose to pay conveniently online through Square, a 3% fee will be added to your total camp cost. This fee also applies to credit card payments made in person using Square.
Example - Total X 3%: $320 X .03%= $329.60

Pay CASH - Parents who wish to pay in cash are welcome to make payment arrangements in person.


Multi-week discount

Register for 6 or more weeks per family and take an additional $100 off your total! (Is available in combination with Imagination Camp and all middle school programming.)

Sibling discount

Take $25 off per additional child(ren).

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Refund policy

Once we have reserved a spot for your child, you will be responsible for payment for the days and weeks that you have chosen, even if your child is absent. If you must cancel your registration before May 1, registration fees for each week registered will be withheld. There will be no cancellation refunds given after May 1st with the exceptions listed below.

  • If there is a waiting list for the camp and someone is willing to take your spot in the camp, you may be eligible for a full refund less teh $50 per week registration fee.
  • A camper who becomes ill or injured during the week of their camp may receive a prorated refund at the discretion of the Program Director.
  • Refunds will be granted for reasons of illness, injury (a doctor’s certification may be requested) or death in the immediate family.

Please note the following:

  • Refunds will not be granted for scheduling conflicts or no-shows.
  • Refunds will not be granted to campers who leave camp by their own choice.
  • Campers may transfer to an alternate session, if space permits, without penalty.
  • Any refunds will be made to the individual who made the original payment.

Before/After Care

Camp runs from 9AM until pick-up at 3PM. Some of our families need to utilize a longer day of care for their family. For the past few years, we have been happy to offer extended enrichment times for these families. Campers who stay longer are teamed with a Staff member and help set-up, tear down or are utilized to further our imaginative story with crafts, building sets, and more. We start at 8am with early care and close at 5pm with late care. Extended day care is $6/hour and can be added by the day or the week, but we do require a week’s notice in order to have proper staff coverage. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer scholarships to cover before and after care as the money goes right to the staff members responsible for the care.

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Every camp culminates in an original performance. We can't tell you what they are, because your child is part of the writing and creating process! We can tell you that these showcases are exciting, celebratory, and always an adventure. Our Imagination Camps showcase on Friday at 3:00pm, after their day is done.

What To Bring, What To Wear

Please pack your kids a lunch. We will provide a healthy snack for them, but please pack them a decent-sized lunch and plenty of fluids. Cold water is provided for them to keep hydrated! We have the ability to keep the lunches cold, but it would be best if they are “ready to eat” and do not need to be heated. Please make sure your kids do not bring any personal items to camp including money, jewelry, electronics, etc. Cell phones and portable gaming devices will not be allowed to be used at camp. Please have your children wear loose-fitting clothes that might get dirty. Think of what you might wear to a yoga class but not brand-new because we don’t want to ruin anything! If we are planning on an especially dirty (think paint) or water-centric (think water balloons) day, we’ll let you know in advance!

More Forms!

Of course, after applying for camp through our handy on-line form you might have thought that you were done with forms. But no! We require an emergency form and a media release. The first day of camp you will be asked to stop for a few minutes and fill them out OR you can download them, print them out and send them or bring them with you the first day.
(Download here)

Returning families: We probably have your records on file. You can save a tree and just let us know if there has been any changes in their/your information in the past year.

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Our Camp Site

Summit Children's Program at 6757 Greene Street, Philadelphia, PA 19119
We are very excited to partner with Summit Children's Program to offer camp at their location. There will be so much to explore and inspire our youngest campers!

Our Staff

Yes! And... Collaborative Arts hand picks an incredible team of artists and educators each summer. Artist teachers prepare classes in acting, movement, visual arts and storytelling while Travelers are on hand to guide each tribe of kids throughout the day. High school students from our Shadow Company are also a part of the tribes as Junior Travelers. Staff hired by Yes! And... Collaborative Arts have trained in our Collaborative Arts Institute and have proper and up-to-date copies of child abuse and criminal record background checks. We retain many of our staff from previous years, so your child will get to know their favorites!

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Registration Form

Camp Registration for 2019 will open on February 1st!

To pay registration fee, and receive the best discounts, please follow
instructions on the screen after you click "SUBMIT"

If the form does not load in the page below, please click here to load it in a new window.

Contact us:

Yes! And... Collaborative Arts 21 W. Washington Ln. Philadelphia, PA 19144
215-ART-GANG 215-278-4264 Contact Us Form

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No one turned away

We don't turn down kids who want to come to camp! Does your child have an artistic itch they want to scratch but you don't think you can afford our summer camps? Well, our policy is to find a way for every child to attend camp if they want to! Simply fill out the form and check the box labeled "Camperships" and we will contact you right away! Act quickly as these slots fill up fast!

Summer 2019 Calendar

At a glance

June 24 - July 5
Fringe Festival Camp with Shadow Company

2 week session
GRADES: 9 - 12

June 17 - August 30
Imagination Camp

Weekly sessions

June 17 - 21
Theatre Camp Intensive

1 week session
GRADES: 5 - 8

June 24 - 28
Theatre Camp Intensive

1 week session
GRADES: 5 - 8

July 8 - 26
Theatre Camp

3 week session
GRADES: 5 - 8

July 29 - August 2
Theatre Camp Intensive

1 week session
GRADES: 5 - 8

August 5 - 23
Theatre Camp

3 week session
GRADES: 5 - 8

July 22 - August 16
Summer Sort of Thing

9am - 3pm
4 week session
GRADES: 6 - 10

Please note that grades listed are grades going into in the fall 2019!

Camps typically run 9AM - 3PM, but we do have extended care options.

There is no Theatre camp July 1st-5th and no Imagination Camp July 4th & 5th