We need your help to change the world

“They believed in me.”

When we open the imaginations of our youth, we believe that change is possible.

“They listened to me.”

We love the arts as a tool for personal growth and change, and the real impact is when these kids are empowered to make change in their families, communities and schools.

“They encouraged me to try something new.”

This works best when kids from diverse backgrounds come together and have these experiences together.

“They care about me.”

We love the above simple, but significant phrases from our summer campers. To tackle the big problems of the world, kids need to first understand one another and to develop the ability to stand up and tell others what matters to them.

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As an organization that doesn't turn away any child due to their inability to oay, it is critical for us to raise money each year. This past summer alone, over $100,000 of scholarships were awarded. Your gift, no matter the size, will help us reach that goal.

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